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How GameRefinery counts downloads & revenue?
How GameRefinery counts downloads & revenue?

This article explains how GameRefinery counts downloads and revenues in various places in our service.

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To produce download and revenue estimates, GameRefinery analyses and combines publicly available app store information (e.g app rankings) with fully anonymised first-party data that we obtain from our partners.

With this approach, we are able to generate daily download & revenue estimates for each available game.
Daily estimates can also be aggregated into weekly, monthly and quarterly values.

Revenue estimates are a gross value (before platform cut) and include all sales that are processed through the app store (e.g in-app purchases).
Ad revenue as well as transactions that happen outside of the app store (e.g on developer web-based store) are not included.
Downloads estimates do not include re-downloads, version updates or downloads generated by the same user via multiple devices (e.g mobile phone and tablet).

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