Saving your results to bookmarks

This article shows how you can save the queries into your personal and organization wide bookmark folder

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It’s always important to be able to return to data you find relevant when it suits you the best.
Especially if you want to share it with your colleagues through hyperlinks in PPTs, documentation or in general in Slack or Teams.
GameRefinery has an inbuilt bookmarking function which makes saving and sharing relevant queries easy for the whole organization!

In this article we will go through how you can:
1. Save a bookmark
2. Load existing bookmarks either you or someone in your organization has created.

Note that bookmarking works EVERYWHERE in GameRefinery thus all the tabs, queries and content can be bookmarked. This makes example following queries easy to access and save for further study or breakdowns:
1. Competitors in Market Explorer
2. Updates with specific features & content relevant to you – Say, individual features such as battle pass seasons only
3. Implementations of features in specific genres

How to save a bookmark

Let’s imagine a situation where you are looking for top-200 grossing RPG-genre games in Market Explorer and you want to save this query.

There are two easy steps to conduct to save it:

1st – Press the small bookmark icon in the upper left corner

This will open the saving menu.

In the saving menu you have three options:
Bookmark Name – You can write a very specific name for the query to make it easier to find later on
Bookmark Description – We highly recommend to be specific with the bookmark description as it makes understanding its function and results easier.
Share Bookmark with your Organization – Clicking this will make the query visible to everyone in your GameRefinery organization. Very nifty if you want to guide users' focus to common topics such as shared competitors, market trends or any relevant tab at that given time.

Hitting green SAVE BOOKMARK will add the query and the specific page you were on at that given time to the bookmark menu.

Browsing existing bookmarks

You can access your bookmarks by clicking MY BOOKMARKS in the upper left corner under the DATA GLOSSARY button. Pressing this button opens the list of all the saved bookmarks:

Clicking anywhere in the window will open the specific query you had saved.

Good to know:
If you hover the mouse over the selected query, you can access the settings in the right corner. Through settings you can:
1. Change the name
2. Change the description
3. Remove the query

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