Creating roadmap goals for live games

This article explains how GameRefinery can be used to create feature or liveops development goals for live games.

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Game Analyzer is much much more than a playground for new game concepts.
Game Analyzer also has an secondary function , possibility to utilize our +260 features to create milestones for game by adding features to represent the future version of the game.

How this is done can be divided into three steps:
1. Cloning an already existing game
2. Popping the hood open and start adding features in the backlog.
3. Seeing the results & comparing outcomes

Naturally, to do this you need access to the following features: Game Analyzer, Compare Games & games overview pages.

In this imaginary situation we are using Archero.

Cloning an existing game.

First and foremost, we want to save time by cloning our game from the games overview page. This saves time and effort as the GameRefinery crew has already analyzed the game and its existing features for us!

From the upper right corner we can find the Actions-button which unlocks the Clone-game function. This allows us to port our game directly to Game Analyzer!

After cloning the game, we have access to our milestones profile.
As a good practice, it’s important to:
1. Clearly name milestones details – Name & description
2. Select the proper sub-genre for the game so our algorithms can suggest features & competitors
3. Fill in the development stage & visibility.

All this to make sure that team members who also use GameRefinery won’t get confused and that we can keep everything clean.

In our version, we have updated the games name to Archero – H1 2023 feature roadmap to indicate that we are testing how the game would look like by the end of 2023. We also include details in the description, so its contents are clear to all team members. To make sure everyone has access to this milestone, visibility has been set team wide.

Similarly, subgenre has been set to shoot/beat ‘em up and development and live because we are tinkering with a live game.

Pop the hood and start adding features from the backlog.

For some time, our team’s coffee table conversation has been ruled by one topic: Our game lacks more social content!

Let’s go to town & start investigating how our game would look like after adding those features.

One cool feature in Game Analyzer is that you can add a game to benchmark your prototype against. To ensure we’re on the right track, let’s add the current live game version as a benchmark for our H2 2020 feature roadmap.

Under Social Elements we find all guild features so let’s add the following features:
– Competitive co-op – Other
– Competitive co-op – Guild wars/competitions
– Social hang-out area
– Incentivized social media connection
- Number of PvP-modes increased from two to five

Time to hit the “Update Powerscore” -button.

Seeing the results & comparing the outcome.

Like with Archero’s live version, we now have an example overview of our Archero H1 2023 feature roadmap, where we added all five listed features. As a positive, we can already notice that our Powerscore increased from 83 to 86, indicating that we are on the right track!

As a final step, we can compare up to four games to each other on a feature level. Two games are already selected: Archero & Archero H1 2023!

Let’s compare our two versions of Archero to two other market leaders: Survivor!.io & Mr autofire.

As we can see from the feature differences, we’ve taken a step in the market leaders’ direction by implementing the right features which already exist in these games. On top of that, we can also see features that Archero’s live version & H1 2023 milestone both lack when compared to Survivor!.io! & mr autofire.

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