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What are the latest trends in my market and in specific segments?
What are the latest trends in my market and in specific segments?

Learn how GameRefinery can be used to understand trends in your specific segment to keep up to date with everything happening.

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GameRefinery offers two ways to see the latest trends in the pre-chewed format:

Genre Essentials – See everything new which have been added per genre
Market Trends – See feature-level changes in a specific genre

Genre Essentials

Genre Essentials allows you to quickly filter in all the latest content, analysis, updates etc. per genre. By using this tool you can see the latest content added to the GameRefinery.

To narrow down per specific genre you only need to click GameRefinery genre taxonomy to filter in the latest data.
In the below example we have filtered in Puzzle related content.

Genre Essentials offers the latest data from six features:
1. Must-know games – What are the important games you have to be aware of per genre
2. Implementation examples – What are the latest screenshots added to the platform
3. FTUE – What are the latest FTUEs the analyst team has recorded
4. Game Update Impacts – What are the latest individual updates the GameRefinery team have added to the platform
5. Market Share – What is the current status of the specific genre revenue/download share wise
6. Top features – What are currently the most heavily implemented features in the specific genre

Market Trends

Where Genre Essentials filters in all the latest content, Market Trends focuses on individual features' historical implementation rate over time.

The filters in the feature can be broken down into three key components:
1. Genre taxonomy – Which category, genre or sub-genre you’d like to focus on
2. Features – Which feature groups and sets you are interested in
3. Additional filters timespan & sorting – What timeframe and visualization you want to have for your data.

In below example we look into social features in puzzle genre since June of 2022 to this day.

In the query, we have all the social features listed from biggest change to least. We can click the features to have further breakdowns of implementation examples, and definitions or list games which have the feature implemented.

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