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How can I confirm the market fit of my concept?
How can I confirm the market fit of my concept?

Learn how GameRefinery can be used to understand concepts fit to the market even before greenlighting itt for further development.

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How can I confirm the market fit of my concept?

It is important that in this stage you have built your concept in Game Analyzer.
If you have not done so yet please refer to the instructional video available in the Data Glossary video section.

Completed Game Analyzer concept offers two comparison points for the user:
1. Individual game level – How would the concept look like, who would be its competitors and who would the users be
2. Ability to compare to the market in Market Explorer– How would the concept fit the overall market

NOTE: These data points do not alone confirm market fit but offer valuable insights to “sanity check” expectations, plans and projections.

Individual game level

Completed concepts in Game Analyzer have their own dedicated Game Overview page which offers helpful data points to understand the following aspects: Who are the competitors, who would be the users and what features the concept might be lacking. Compare these to the previous research goals to confirm or discover new data points.

Frontpage where user demographics & motivations are listed.

Competitors tab which gives you quick access to competitor’s game overview pages.

Feature idea tab which helps to align the games features to the references based on genre, core & meta to find out if certain features are lacking.

Motivations to get an idea for WHOM the concept might fit the best and in which motivational drivers the concept excels and which might lack compared to the general market.

In Market level

If you used Market Explorer to discover valuable data points to build your concept, now is a good time to return to those old queries as Prototypes can be added as their own segment.

Add a new segment in your Market Explorer query, skip all the other filters and move to the very last part of the segment creation “4. Select one optional filter”.

Under the “Select Game” screen you can find My Portfolio which lists all the concepts built in your Game Analyzer. Select the concept and your segment is ready.

Now as the concept is its own segment you can do the following:
1. Have the game's feature implementation rates listed out in Features Data to understand better feature implementation priority
2. Access the Motivations data tab to understand how the motivational drivers and player archetypes would differ or align with the market.

Feature level differences between the market & concept.
Blue – Market
Orange – Concept

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