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Are there existing products similar to my concept?
Are there existing products similar to my concept?

Learn how GameRefinery can be used to identify competitors for your concept.

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Market Explorer allows you to find similar kinds of games to your own game.
It is crucial to be able to identify two key elements of your game when doing this kind of query.

1. What is your concept's sub-genre or genre?
2. What are the key features in your concept?

The above two points can be used as filters in Market Explorer to find and focus down to games which share similarities with your concept.

In this example we are looking for:
1. Match3 puzzle
2. PvP mechanics

When creating your segment in Market Explorer There are two filters to focus on:
2nd which is the GameRefinery genre taxonomy – Select your concepts sub-genre

4th key filter is “Filter by Features”. This allows us to add any feature(s) we have in our own concept draft. You can add as many features as you want. In our example, we add synchronous PvP.

use the search function or any of the feature groups to narrow down to the specific features you have in your mind. After selecting key feature(s) click done.

You have now successfully narrowed down to the games which share similarities with your concept. You find all of them easily listed in Games Data tab.
By clicking any of the games name you can access their game overview pages to learn more about their design, loops or users. You can also swap any of the three filters to see downloads & revenues or user profiles.

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