How is the current market looking like?

Learn how GameRefinery can help pinpoint what is going on in the market.

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GameRefinery Market Share allows you to quickly visualize how the US market has evolved since 2017 in a quarterly basis.

The feature has three key filters:
1. Market Share in the upper left corner – Ability to see in Category, genre or sub-genre level
2. Percentages / actual numbers – By default the Market Share shows the percentage share of the US markets downloads & revenues.
3. Quarterly data – By default the Market Share shows the current OR previous quarter. By clicking on the quarter you can browse historical data until 2017 Q1.

Quick explanation of what you see in the picture above:
Match3 Puzzle is the biggest sub-genre in the US market. In total, the games account 16.99% of all the IAP purchases and 5.33% of the downloads. IAPs increased +0.51% and downloads +0.79% when compared to the previous quarter.

By selecting the sub-genre you are able to go see the current market situation in either category, genre or sub-genre level depending on which filter you have selected.

Let us take the example Solitaire/mahjong games.

By default, we can see the current top-grossing games per our selected sub-genre and see their historical evolution. We also have the ability to compare two different quarters per our liking.
By clicking the Show Subgenre share we can see what the revenue and download percentage is INSIDE the sub-genre. We completely isolate the games from the wider market.

We see that the current top solitaire game Solitaire Grand Harvest represents 41.7% of the revenue inside the sub-genre in 2022 Q2 but it has actually decreased 5.73% when compared to 2021 Q2.
New games such as Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle have entered the market and eaten their success growing to be the 2nd highest grossing solitaire/mahjong game in the US market.

By swapping markets in the upper right corner you can see the market shares of other markets GameRefinery tracks. In our case also Japan & China.

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