Who would be my prototypes users?

Objective of this article is to showcase how to understand prototypes userbase before going live.

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GameRefinery has a feature called Game Analyzer. Game Analyzer allows users to create their own projects in a sandbox environment to learn more about its fit to the market and polish the design. This tool also has the benefit of being able to forecast potential users.

To learn how to make your own Game Analyzer project please refer to the Data Glossary video library.

After completion of the prototype building phase, you have full access to the prototype game overview. In this article, we use Match3 PVP game as an example.

On your game overview you have access to two data points which help you to understand who the potential users might be:

1. Demographics
2. Motivations

Demographics is based on feature-level data and thus can be used like Lego blocks to forecast the potential demographic appeal of the game.

Motivations is also based on features and +600 other data points. If you want to learn more about motivations click this link.
In short, motivations allow you to see 12 motivational drivers and eight-player archetypes.

On the motivations tab, you find the full breakdown of the potential users of the game.

  1. With motivational drivers, the game resonates really well.

  2. Who are the top potential user's thanks to the motivational drivers based on the eight archetypes.

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