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How have other games implemented certain features to their games?
How have other games implemented certain features to their games?

In this article we focus on how GameRefinery platform can be used for comprehensive feature research.

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GameRefinery has in total +70,000 unique implementation examples of how games have implemented different features to their games. All 260 features we track are individually available across our genre taxonomy.

Finding these screenshots is easy in GameRefinery, and there are two places where you can find these screenshots.

Implementation Examples tool

Implementation Examples is the archive page of all the screenshots we've added to our service.

  1. Click the left orange "Select Features" button

  2. Select the feature you are interested in – for Example, Battle Pass

  3. Limit down to the specific category/genre/subgenre, so you find more examples from your competitors

  4. Click the app icon to see the screenshots from that specific game.

You are now able to see ALL the screenshots we've taken of that specific feature from the game. What is extremely cool is that you can see all the versions of the game we've covered. This way, you can see how the UI might have changed over time!

Turn-based RPG games' Battle Pass implementations

Game Overview pages

If you already know which game features you are interested in checking, you can also find the exact examples on the game overview page!

  1. Search the Game Overview page in the upper right corner

  2. Access the game's Overview page

  3. Go to the Implementations tab

  4. Filter the feature you are interested in!

Battle Pass implementations from Clash of Clans' Game Overview page

GameRefinery Best Practices #4

Did you know that in the GameRefinery service, you can create an unlimited amount of folders called Collections and add as many screenshots to them as possible? Following these few steps will reduce the workload and foster better collaboration between your teams.

  1. Click the red pin button, which becomes visible when hovering the mouse over the screenshots

  2. Select if you want to create a new collection or add it to the existing one - Name it if it's your first one.

The picture is now added to the collection and is accessible in the Collections tab. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to expand the existing collections with examples or create new collections!

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