Who are your game's competitors?

Objective of this article is to showcase how you can use GameRefinery to identify your games competitors.

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App stores have hundreds of thousands of games, and the amount keeps increasing on a daily basis.

Being able to quickly identify your competitor before and after the launch of your own game is vital to staying ahead of the curve. Being able to identify your competitors helps you to understand:

  • What games are most vital to track and breakdown

  • What features they might have implemented in

  • What are their users' demographics and motivations

  • How have they been carrying liveops

Identifying competitors is easy and fast forward in GameRefinery, and there are two ways how you can do it:

  1. Using your existing game's Competitors tab

  2. Using GameRefinery's genre taxonomy

Genre taxonomy allows you to search for similar games to yours in the whole market, while the Competitors tab enables you to instantly see the potential competitors based on the implemented features, metas, and cores!

Using your existing game's Competitors tab

Let's take Clash of Clans as an example! On its Game Overview page's Competitors tab, we can immediately see the games we consider competitors based on the core, meta, and gameplay mechanics. Our search ends here as we can instantly access their Game Overview pages to find answers to the above four bullet points.

Clash of Clans’ Competitors tab lists all games with similar core, meta, and gameplay mechanics

Using GameRefinery's genre taxonomy

Let's continue using Clash of Clans as an example. We can see from its Game Overview page that the game belongs to the Build & Battle subgenre. Let's take this information with us to the Market Explorer!

We only need to create a segment with the same subgenre to find similar kinds of games in the market.

All Build & Battle subgenre games listed

And there you have it! Two ways how you can search for competitors in the GameRefinery platform.

To summarize, here are helpful practices and step-by-step instructions on how you can do the same. 😊

From the Game Overview page:

  1. Search your game's Game Overview

  2. Access the Competitors tab

Searching on the broader market:

  1. Identify your game's subgenre based on the genre taxonomy

  2. Go to the Market Explorer and create a segment based on the specific subgenre

  3. Identify similar subgenre games in the Games Data tab

GameRefinery best practice tip #1

Did you know that you can get notified about a new competitor that has entered your subgenre? To receive the notification, consider implementing our Slack bot or subscribe to daily digest emails!

Daily Digest emails are available for every GameRefinery user and are customizable.

  1. Go to the Daily Insights

  2. Make sure that "Subscribe to Daily Digest emails" is checked

  3. By clicking Preferences, you can customize the content of the email!

    • News content - Launches and releases

    • Category, genre, or subgenre important for you

The Slack bot lets you customize notifications of new games entering the market.

  1. Go to the Daily Insights

  2. Click the "Add to Slack" button

  3. Follow the instructions

  4. You are ready to receive instant notifications when new games enter the market!

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