Hyper Casual

Subgenres: HC - Puzzle, HC - Tap, HC - Steer, HC - Swipe/Drag, HC - .io, HC - Other

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Hyper casual games have very simple controls and are super straightforward and easy to learn. These games don't usually have any meta-game elements and are designed for short playing sessions. We have divided hyper casual games into six different subgenres.


Hyper casual games where you have to solve some kind of puzzles.

Dig This!

Example games: AMAZE!!!, Mr. Bullet


Hyper casual games that require timing and/or reaction and the gameplay focuses on tapping and/or holding a finger on the device's screen at the right time.

Square Bird.

Example games: Fun Run 3D, Bikes Hill


Hyper casual games that require timing and/or reaction and the gameplay focuses on steering of an object either with a finger or by tilting the device.

Turbo Stars

Example games:Push 'em All, Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!


Hyper casual games where the gameplay focuses on swiping your finger or dragging and releasing the right way (e.g. shooting hoops in basketball).

Fruit Ninja

Example games: Baseball Boy, Five Kicks

HC - .IO

Very specific type of hyper casual games focusing on multiplayer player vs. player action. In short, the idea of .io games is to grow yourself (you might be e.g. a snake or a circle) by eating other player smaller than you and ultimately become the king of the whole gameplay arena.


Example games: Agar.io, Farmers.io


This subgenre covers hyper casual games that don't belong to any of the hyper casual subgenres described above, but are nevertheless hyper casual by nature.

Barber Shop!

Example games: Pimp My Car, Nails Done!

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