Subgenres: Customization, Interactive Story, Music/Band

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Games revolving around lifestyle themes, such as décor, fashion and customization of looks and styles.   


Games focusing on customization and designing of different things, such as own wardrobe or interiors. Heavy emphasis on collecting aspects. 

Design Home

Example games: Design Home, Love Nikki, The Sims


Games with really light gameplay mechanics and main focus in interactive storytelling. Usually players can make decisions (e.g. dialogue choices) which affect the narrative’s progression.


Example games: Episode, Choices, Chapters


Games where music and rhythm plays a big role in both theme AND core mechanics. These games often put the player in charge of a band/musician with ample options for customization styles and looks.  

Love Live!School idol festival

Example games: Love Live!School idol festival, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

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