Consumable Materials
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CONSUMABLE MATERIALS are items that are used in recipes/formulas to make new items, upgrade items you already have or to strengthen yourself or your characters permanently. 

Common characteristics:

  • Are not used by themselves but as a part of formulas/recipes to create something new

  • Are consumed/depleted after use

  • Are not attached/equipped to characters, units or buildings


  • Equipment pieces or character shards in RPG games (e.g. Hero Souls in Heroes Charge)

  • Ingredient items in crafting-based games. (e.g. Wheat and Eggs in Hay Day)


  • A single entity in a game can be classified as only one of the following: EQUIPMENT, PERMANENT BOOST, CONSUMABLE BOOST, CONSUMABLE MATERIAL! For example, if an item grants benefits ONLY if its attached to a character, it is counted as EQUIPMENT, even if it’s consumed when used.

  • If an item doesn’t give any gameplay bonuses, i.e. it has only decorative purpose, it is not counted as any of the above

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