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BUILDINGS, building-like areas and other constructables available to permanently construct, purchase and/or upgrade in the game

Common characteristics:

  • Buildings are permanent, i.e. they remain in the game from one session to another (unlike plants in Plants vs. Zombies 2)

  • Generate resources or grant other benefits (generate troops, items, give boost etc.)

  • Can be constructed/purchased and/or upgraded by the player


  • Permanent buildings which are constructed by the player and generate resources (e.g. Gold Mines in Clash of Clans)

  • Permanent buildings which can be upgraded by the player, even though they are not initially constructed by him/her (e.g. Walls in Game of War: Fire Age)

  • Permanent furniture and kitchen appliances which can be purchased to improve your restaurant’s potential (e.g. Restaurant Story)


A single entity in a game can be classified as only one of the following: CHARACTER, UNIT, BUILDING! For example, UNITS are not CHARACTERS, as UNITS can die permanently and can be trained/created from e.g. barracks in large numbers over and over again if you just have enough resources.

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