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CHARACTERS are beings that you control and play with in the game. Characters are depicted as individual beings - even if you could have several characters of the same type.

Common characteristics:

  • Don’t die permanently 

  • Are purchased/hired individually

  • Can be upgraded

  • Have attributes and/or abilities


  • Traditional RPG Characters (e.g.heroes in Heroes Charge)

  • Different starting Character classes you can choose from (e.g. main characters in Order & Chaos Online)

  • Different cars/vehicles in driving/car games (e.g. cars in CSR Racing 2)

  • Different collectible "monsters" that you control and develop (e.g. monsters in Puzzle & Dragons)

  • Hero units in strategy games (e.g. HanSolo in Star Wars Commander or Barbarian King in Clash of Clans)

  • Character cards in card-based games (e.g. Giant in Clash Royale)


A single entity in a game can be classified as only one of the following: CHARACTER, UNIT, or BUILDING! For example, UNITS are not CHARACTERS, as UNITS can die permanently and can be trained/created from e.g. barracks in large numbers over and over again, if you just have enough resources.

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