We are introducing dynamic feature based demographics to the service. Compared to demographics data gathered from panels there are clear benefits. GameRefinery’s demographics data is dynamic which makes it possible to model the demographic appeal of any mobile game. This both widens the scope of the data and creates the possibility of modeling the demographic fit of prototypes. With features as the foundation of the data, it is also possible to see the appeal of specific features for distinct demographics.

Demographics data is available in different sections of Market Explorer:

  1. You can use Demographics data when creating segments

Searching for games with male demographic appeal between 50% and 100%

2. You can sort the Segment Breakdown by any demographic

3. You can sort the Segment Breakdown by any demographic

4. You can also access demographics data in the Games tab

Example Use Cases

As you delve into using demographics data in Market Explorer there are numerous ways you can use demographic data in your market research. Here are a few examples:

Understand the demographic appeal of categories, genres, and subgenres

Create different segments, e.g. for all Casual games, to understand how games are spread per demographics. Understand average demographic tendencies and spot outliers.

Visualizing feature set’s demographic appeal of Mid-core games on male players. Best Fiends is a clear outlier.

Combine subgenre & demographics data to find the optimal sources for user acquisition

By knowing your games subgenre and demographics, you can easily use Market Explorer data to identify potential. We identified that users bought from similar (usually the same subgenre) games can yield up to 3x LTV compared to average.

Understand the demographic appeal of different features

Comparing Social Interaction and Competition/PvP features between male appealing (light blue) and female appealing (brown) games

Analyze the demographic appeal of your own game concept

Once you have analyzed your own game concepts in Game Analyzer, you can see their feature sets’ demographic appeal in their game pages. You can use this data to pinpoint your searches in Market Explorer.

Understand the demographic tendencies of different Core, Meta, App Store genres

Use the segment breakdown to get an overview of the demographic appeal of different game types.

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