Games where management of resources, buildings and troops is combined with waging war against your enemies in a strategic setting.


4X Strategy games are "hardcore" strategy games which focus on exploring, expanding, exploiting and exterminating (the "4X"). When playing 4X strategy games, players have to focus on things like technology research, troop&resource management, open world exploration, base construction and fighting against rival factions.

King of Avalon

Example games: King of Avalon, Guns & Glory, Brutal Age


Games where players develop their bases, generate resources and hire armies of troops to battle both AI and human opponents. The battle mechanics emphasize tactical thinking, e.g. deployment and directing of troops and casting spells at the right moment.

Clash of Clans

Example games: Clash of Clans, Art of Conquest, Dawn of Titans


Games where players battle against NPCs or other players in a closed (often 1v1) arena setting. Meta layer often focuses on collecting & developing aspects (e.g. cards).

Clash Royale

Example games: Clash Royale, South Park Phone Destroyer, Battle Cats and auto-chess games.


Games that have MOBA -mechanics (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). The objective of MOBA games is to destroy the opposing team's base together with your team. Fighting takes place in a closed-space battle arena, where both teams advance via lanes towards the opposing team's base.

Example games: Vainglory, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Arena of Valor

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