Casual games focusing on constructing and developing farms, cities, worlds or other entities while completing various smaller tasks to progress in the game. 


Games where players complete tasks and collect various items in order to progress. Often the core gameplay layer in these games is pretty light (tapping objects or characters) and the emphasis is on story and collecting aspects.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Example games: Simpsons Tapped Out, Kim Kardashian Hollywood, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


Games which revolve around breeding characters with each other to get new characters (e.g. breed two dragons to get a new type of dragon).

Dragon City Mobile

Example games: Dragon City Mobile, Monster Legends, Fallout Shelter


Games that revolve around constructing, management of resources/production and other "tycoon" mechanics. For example, games where you manage city or a farm and try to grow it successfully are regarded as tycoon games.

Hay Day

Example games: SimCity BuildIt, Township, Hay Day


Games where players are free to roam in the game’s world, playing around and creating things of their liking. Heavy emphasis on user-generated content.


Example games: Minecraft, Roblox, Growtopia


Games where players have to complete various tasks quickly, accurately and in right order (e.g cooking games)

Cooking Craze

Example games: Cooking Craze, Cooking Fever, Restaurant Dash

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