Streamlined games with straightforward controls & mechanics for short, casual playing sessions.


Casual traditional platform jumper games, where the player has to get through stages by jumping, running, gliding etc. while avoiding obstacles and/or enemies. 

Subway Surfers

Example games: Subway Surfers, Super Mario Run, Jetpack Joyride


Games with a so called "idler" mechanics, meaning the game plays itself even if the application is closed. Additionally, when the application is open, players can see that progression is made all the time - even if they're not doing anything themselves (e.g. money keeps generating). 

Adventure Capitalist

Example games: AdVenture Capitalist, Idle Miner Tycoon, Tap Titans 2


Lightweight extremely simple casual games that rely on straightforward controls and one-dimensional core mechanics. These games are figured out in an instant which is part of their appeal. 

Helix Jump

Example games: Helix Jump, Knock Balls, Snake VS. Colors


Arcade style, shooting games with simple controls and a LOT of shooting with no real emphasis on precise aiming or tactics/strategy.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Example games: Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter


Arcade games that don't really fit in any other Arcade sub-genre but are casual games with clear arcade nature and mechanics. 

Pirate Kings

Example games: Bowmasters,, Pirate Kings and Tank Stars belong under this sub-genre


Means games that utilize tower defense mechanics in their core gameplay. In tower defense games, waves of enemies enter the screen from a certain point or side. The main goal of players is to prevent these enemies from reaching a certain point or line (usually the opposite side they're entering from) in the screen.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Example games: Plants vs. Zombies, Chain Chronicle, Bloons TD 5

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