Market Share is the ideal place for an overview of how downloads and IAP revenue are distributed in the mobile gaming market. Games and their genres have been categorized according to the GameRefinery taxonomy.

Check out this tutorial video or the overview below:

Quarter overview

Market Share’s quarter overview will give you a general idea of what genres are dominating the market and what are the best performing games in those genres. You can look at values as either a percentage or an indexed score.

Games that have a dominant market position (+50% ) in their subgenre will have a crown beside their icon.

Quarter comparison

Understand how the market has evolved with the Quarter comparison view. Here you can see what genres are on the rise and what are on a downward trend.

Top 500 games

In the Top 500 games tab you'll find a comprehensive list of the Top 500 performing games in terms of grossing revenue or downloads. Look at how downloads and revenue figures have evolved quarter to quarter. And look at the market either as a whole or dive into any of our 40 genres.

Publisher share

Market share can also be viewed in terms of publishers to help identify who has the leading portfolio and what genres they operate in.

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