App Store storefront optimization plays an increasingly important role in the success of mobile games’. That’s why we created the Visual Explorer tool. Access App Store game icon and title data with the tool to gain an edge against the competition. 

Check out this tutorial video or the overview below:

Getting started

To get started the first step is to define the App Store genre you’re interested in, and whether you want to check out data relating to top grossing or most downloaded titles.

You can select games based on their App Store genre such as "Action," and further narrow down your search with numerous filters. Once you’ve selected your chosen filters, you’re presented with all the icons matching those parameters sorted based on their download or grossing rank.

Results based on "Action" and downloads

For example, based on the filters “Action” and downloads, we’re provided with a list of icons. By clicking on an individual icon, you can view a full break-down of its stats to identify objects, art genre, art style and colors as well as how these attributes differentiate top performing games.

Icon stats for Sniper 3D Assassin


You can further benchmark the icon and compare its stats against other games to identify differentiating attributes. And for a broader perspective of the genre, view the “icon stats” tab, which will provide you with popularity statistics for all attributes, including performance indicators to distinguish attributes found in the best performing games.

Results for the “Action” genre

To focus on a specific attribute such as “Objects” deselect the other attributes.

Popularity differences between different objects in Action game icons

For example, in the case of “Action” titles, it would appear that either a male face or an animal character in the icon is quite popular, with some distinctions between the Top 100 downloaded games compared to the rest. Click on any attribute for a full list of icons that match your filters.

List of icons with an “Animal/mascot character”

Refining your search query 

With some initial insights to work with, as a next step go back and refine your search. For example, based on the search we made above we found that male characters are important in "Action" genre icons. Now we can refine our search with parameters such as “Boy/Man” and “Person – Face/Bust” in the objects panel.

Icon results for Boy/Man and Person – Face/Bust 

By refining the search results, we can find deeper insights. In this case, we see that some headgear combined with an angry or aggressive expression are important inclusions in this type of icon.

Icon statistics for Boy/Man and Person – Face/Bust 

Game name stats

Alongside icon insights, you can use Visual Explorer to access game title statistics, helping you come up with the best possible name for your game. 

Most used words in "Action" genre titles

Under the “Game Name Stats” tab there are complete lists of the most used words, the number of words used, and how many characters and letters are used in titles that match your filters. For example, "2", "Battle", and "Heroes" are the most used words for "Action" genre games.

Visual Explorer will help guide your icon creation and optimization process with actionable data. For A/B testing and optimization of icons and game names, Visual Explorer gives you a clear advantage because now you understand the market, speeding up the whole process of coming up with the best possible icon and title for your next hit game.

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