Game Comparison is a tool that you can use to research and compare different games' feature-sets side-by-side. 

Check out this tutorial video or the overview below:

Selecting games

The first step is to choose what games you want to compare. Select games by clicking on any of the "+"-signs. You can choose 2-4 different games for comparison.

Clicking "+" opens "Select game"-screen. Here you can look for games based on categories, genres and/or subgenres or with the name of the publisher / game.

Games are selected by clicking the "Select" button. When at least 2 games are selected, you can click the "Done" button to open a side-by-side feature comparison of the selected games.

If you are interested in games from other markets you can click the small flag icon in the top right corner to change the market. You can also compare games from different markets. For example,  it's possible to compare versions of a US and Chinese game.

NOTE: It is good to remember that you can only compare games that have been unlocked in your company's account (Followed games). Games can be unlock from this view by clicking the "unlock" button.

Comparing feature sets

When the games are selected, you can see the feature choices for each game and how much each feature affects the total POWERSCORE® of the game. 

Differentiating features are marked with a little red dot on the right side of each feature.

Feature tags can also be used to filter the features. You can choose as many tags as you like and see all the features that are related to them.

If you want to look at only differences or only similarities between the feature-sets, you can select your preferred view below the feature tags .

Example: You are interested in Clash Royale and Clash of Clans and want to know how they differ in appointment mechanics. Select games, click the "appointment mechanics"-tag and choose only differences to be shown.

Our enterprise customers can easily export the data out of the service as a CSV by clicking the "CSV" button in the top right corner.

Feature implementations

You can also look at how features have been implemented in your chosen games by clicking on a feature.

Clash Royale Gacha mechanic in daily reward

Learn more about feature implementations in our feature implementations guide or jump right into Implementation Examples.

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